Journeying with you to relational healing and growth.


Cedar Rock Ministries offers relational counseling in Searcy, Arkansas to both individuals and couples. Nick Fouts is a licensed counselor with a M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy. His wife, Renee, is a certified spiritual director and often joins Nick in couples counseling. Both are kind, prayerful listeners who assume a non-judgmental posture as they journey with others towards healing and growth.

Nick and Renee are not only gifted at drawing out what is at the core of our hurts, disappointments and frustrations as we navigate this life on Earth, but they are willing and eager to tap into the Source of healing, the Spirit, as they so effectively and compassionately communicate what He wants us to hear as He attempts to draw us into intimacy with Him. – Individual from Alabama

If you are interested in more information about our counseling services, contact Nick through our contact form or call 918.758.4658 for more information.