Created for Relationships

Helping individuals and couples recenter their lives in Christ.

  • Retreats

    Reconnect with the life God intended for you while enjoying a relaxed schedule of teaching, counsel, reflection and recreation.

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  • Counseling

    We offer individual or couples sessions for all life situations. Let us journey with you and help provide relational growth & healing.

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  • Spiritual Direction

    Offering a safe, prayerful space to discuss relational challenges and questions of faith, while discerning God's guidance for your life.

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About Cedar Rock Ministries

Our lives are full of activities, to-do lists, responsibilities and expectations. We are weary and burdened, and our relationships suffer because of our busyness. Cedar Rock Ministries offers several opportunities for you to step away from the hurried pace of everyday life and spend time reviving your most important relationships. Whether it’s a weekend event or sharing in a more personal setting, CRM will meet you where you are and help you take the next steps in growing light in Christ.

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Nick & Renee Fouts